WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SQRL - Juul Compatible Pod Device - A red and black square SQRL device standing vertically facing each other at about a one hundred degree angle.

SQRL - Juul Compatible Pod Device

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SQRL - Juul Compatible Pod Device - Now there's a trendy new design you can choose for Juul pods. 400 mAh battery. 3.0-4.3V. Charges in 45m. USB charger. Pods not included. (**Please contact us for color options**)

Juul Compatible Pod Device:

In vaping circles; a “pod” is known to be a self-contained plastic cartridge. It constitutes a coil atomizer and an e-juice. They are called self-contained as they have vaping components like a wick, a wire coil and mouthpiece for the purpose of inhaling the vapor. Juul compatible pod device is a tiny Vape cartridge that gets fit in the JUUL. These are disposable in nature.

Most popular Juul compatible pod device are the one for regular nicotine vaping. The device has been designed for smokers in particular. The pods contain nice salt, which is a special type of nicotine. This nicotine is considered to be smoother on the throat. These pod devices are usually cheaper in price. They have more e-liquid. Moreover, there are more options with respect to the flavors. Often the users find more nicotine in these pods as compared to the JUUL pods. These pods are a convenient way of vaping for the smokers.