WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Juice Maniac Brainstorn 100ML plastic bottle surrounded by red and blue raspberries, a blue slushy, and ice cubes.
Juice Maniac

Juice Maniac - Brainstorm - 100ML Vape Juice

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Juice Maniac-Brainstorm:

Juice Maniac is an E liquid brand which has been made for the vapers and made by the vapers. It is so that you as users must know that the manufacturers have put in extra efforts and added considerations in the process of Juice Maniac-Brainstorm production. It ends up amusing the users with a satisfying and pleasurable experience in the best possible manner. You will be stunned by the quality and will find yourself praising the taste in every manner.

Juice Maniac-Brainstorm is a super bold, classic blue raspberry slushy that will change the tongue bright blue. You will be amused with a sugar fueled energy needed to be played all the day. It is indeed as delicious as one of the popular summertime refreshments. Having it will give anyone the greatest feelings of chilly treats. Forget about everything; and have it for you. You will not regret having it any manner at all.


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