WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Smok - TFV16 -Replacement Coils - single mesh and dual mesh white boxes set beside each other with a 3-pack of coils laying in front.
Smok - TFV16 - Replacement Coils - one single mesh coil.
Smok - TFV16 - Replacement Coils - one dual mesh coil.
Smok - TFV16 - Replacement Coils - one triple mesh coil.
Smok - TFV16 - Replacement Coils - one conical mesh coil.

Smok - TFV16 - Replacement Coils

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Smok - TFV16 - Replacement Coils are specifically designed for the new and improved powerhouse Return Of The King TFV16 tank. These mesh coils are honeycomb structured, made of nickel-chrome, and consist of multiple structurally stable hexagons that enable the mesh wire heating elements to heat more quickly and evenly. The massive cloud and flavor will make you feel like a king!

We offer Single Mesh, Dual Mesh, Triple Mesh, & Conical Mesh 3-packs.

TFV16 Single Mesh

Resistance: 0.17ohm

Best: 120W

TFV16 Dual Mesh

Resistance: 0.12ohm

Rated: 80W-160W / Best: 120W

TFV16 Triple Mesh

Resistance: 0.15ohm

Best: 90W

TFV16 Conical Mesh

Resistance: 0.2ohm

Unique conical structure

Rated: 60W - 85W