WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

When To Change Vape Juice

An essential part of owning a vape juice is to change it when the convenience and effectiveness is compromised. The vape coils have a lifespan. You have to change the vape juice to keep it from burning out. You don’t want to have an unpleasant vaping experience just because you are not prepared to change the vape juice.

Vape Juice Completely Vanishes 

The vape coils don’t last a lifetime. They suffer a great deal because of re-heating and cool down process. Not only you have to change the vape coil, but a time comes when you have to change the vape juice as well to have an efficient vaping output. There are signs of getting the vape juice and the coil changed. These include a low vapor production. The vapors produced by your vapor gradually decrease. The vape juice completely vanishes from the tank which gives you a burning taste, this is the time for you to change the vape juice.

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