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How Long Can a Vape Juice Last? Give it a Thought

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For how long can you use your e-juice or vape juice? How long can it last, once you open it? Is there anything you can do to extend its shelf life? Obviously, vapers want to know the answers to all these questions. Read on this post to get all your answers.

There is diversity when it comes to consumption of different kinds of vape juices. Vape pens tend to maximize the primary content of e-juice. However, the question arises that what one should do after purchasing the vape juice?

You need to store this e-juice in a certain way to protect it and maximize its use. However, before purchasing a certain item, make sure to know the vape juice’s shelf life and how to store it to increase its shelf life?

The driving factor in storage time is how much you are vaping. The frequency of vaping will determine that for how long you can store a vape juice. Read the following post to grasp knowledge regarding vape juices storage.

Note down the expiry date

If you vape regularly and have certain shops or stores to pick your vape juice, you may not bother seeing the expiry date. However, like any other product, you must check the expiry date to fully comprehend the e-juice’s shelf life. You may see the exciting online offers to urge you purchase in bulk but even then, do not forget to clarify the expiry date. Do not just run after discounts because few juices may have lost its flavour over this time. Always buy high quality products.

Keep away from light and heat

You must have seen on several medicines’ packing that it should be kept away from direct light and excessive heat. The same goes for e-juices because they are sensitive to light and heat, too. Unnecessary exposure may lead to loss of flavour and quality of the product as well. Therefore, you should always store your e-juices in a cool and dry place.

How about keeping them in refrigerator?

Yes, it is right. If you have bought several e-juices bottles and want to store them for longer period, you must keep them in refrigerator. It is the best way to store vape juices for extended period without compromising on the quality of e-juices. Take note that freezing is not the right option because the crystals may lose its flavour overtime. Refrigeration is the key to store the bulk quantity of e-juices to keep flavours intact. However, still it does not mean that you should look over the expiry date.

The last but not the least important storage tip is that when you intend to store e-juices for long, do not go for plastic bottles – store in glass bottles.

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